Our Team

Susan Caldwell

Founder and Franchisor

Susan founded Flour Power in 2008 and still remains involved in the day-to-day operations of the Franchise Team! She is mom to two amazing children, one of whom has autism. In addition to opening new studios, she creates new curriculum and programs for all studios, and supports the Franchise Team of owners! When not at Flour Power, she can be found volunteering her time in the community.

Sherri Ragazzo

Business Manager

Sherri began with Flour Power in 2010 as an instructor and grew with the company! She manages the daily operations and assists Franchise owners with needs. In addition to helping franchise owners, she also helps with new franchise training in our Raleigh, NC offices, approves items for our Franchise owners, and has webinar calls before and after studios open for an ongoing period of time. Sherri is the #1 point of contact for all franchise owners!

Ruth Ayers

Field Training Manager

Ruth began with Flour Power in 2015 and has managed and operated studios as a Studio Manager and now works for our Corporate Team as a Field Manager! She travels the USA and visits Franchise Owners. While at a location, she helps with training new material to new franchise owners and addresses any needs. You never know where Ruth will pop up next!

Samantha Rhuel

Graphic Designer

Sam joined the Flour Power Team in 2018. She has worked in the past doing graphic design and administrative work, and we’re so excited to have her working with Flour Power! She designs many brochures and marketing materials for our franchise owners.

Jordan Shaw

Course Designer & Administrator

Jordan began with Flour Power in 2010 as a Studio Manager. Taking some time away from Flour Power to start a family helped her realize how much she missed working with us! She’s now back helping with Curriculum Development, Social Media and other needs. And she sews our aprons too!