Our Programs

Proven Successful Programs

Flour Power stirs up success through using imaginative programs, designed to delight the senses of both children and adults.  We have many programs and avenues all designed to drive revenue for our franchise owners.  Our promise is to encourage children to develop new kitchen skills through our creative programs while engaging all of their senses.

Members of our experienced, dedicated Corporate Team located in Wake Forest, NC are always stirring up new ideas and collaborations in the kitchen designed to boost sales for our franchise owners and meeting the evolving needs of our customers.

Birthday Parties

Parties at Flour Power bring smiles and cheers, to both parents and children! We do the work so parents can enjoy their Lil’ Chefs big smile! From the cupcakes to leading all the fun, we handle all the details so their only job is to have fun! We have one package that includes EVERYTHING to keep it all simple! Ages 3 to Teens!


As parents, we look for educational opportunities to delight their senses and stretch their imaginations… As kids, we look for programs that are FUN! Bring your Lil’ Chef over and you’ll pick up a newly self-confident child who will beg to cook dinner for you!

Weekly Classes

Preschool to Teens! Our themed weekly classes are a fun way for your lil’ chef to focus on hands-on cooking class sessions while learning recipes to try at home. From Preschool Chef to Teen Chef, we stir up a ton of fun all year in all of our studio locations! Choose the set of classes that fit best for your schedule and have months to use them!

Kids Night Out!

Kids Night Out! We’ll stir up a ton of fun in this hands on two-hour class and dinner is included! We can’t wait to see you soon!

Flour Power Academy: Virtual Cooking Classes!

Preschool to Teens! No need to live near a Flour Power to participate in our Virtual Classes!

Etiquette: Good Manners for Kids

Ages 5 to 12!
Beyond thank you and please, this course offers social media skills, along with everyday good manners such as place settings, the importance of writing notes and more!

Adult Cooking Classes

Adult Cooking Classes at Flour Power! Bring a friend, or create new ones in our hands-on relaxed, fun-filled evening classes for adults. Bring your own beer or bottle of wine, and sip n stir the night away with us at Flour Power! We can’t wait to meet you soon!

Family Cooking Events

Bring the whole family and roll on over for Family Style Cooking Classes! From Gingerbread Houses to Grandparent’s Day, we’ve got a full line up of classes for the whole family … together!

Homeschool Programs

Organize a group of friends and let’s stir up a ton of fun together with our homeschool programs. We can design a program for you, or you tell us what works for your group!

Enrichment/After School Off Site Classes

Flour Power to go! We work with schools and design programs that work with their schedules to teach our hands-on cooking classes off site, at schools. Multi week and multi age programs available!

Field Trips

We’ll plan every detail of your field trip with you! All you have to do is tell us your budget, the number of participants and we’ll do the rest!

Corporate Team Building

Fun! Fun and teamwork! We work with you to design a menu and event that accomplishes your goals for your team. From Iron Chef Challenges to Throwdowns to instructor led classes, we offer flexibility and will happily design a program that works best for you. Just call us and tell us your goals and we’ll design the perfect event just for you!