Why Flour Power

Why Flour Power?

Discover the Benefits of Being a Successful Flour Power Franchise Owner

Why own a Flour Power Franchise?

  • 14 years of proven, ongoing success track record
  • 25+ years of leadership vision from the Corporate Team
  • Ongoing support, training and steps designed to help every franchise owner be successful
  • Low Startup Cost
  • Proprietary Recipes and Lesson Plans
  • And so much more!

Ongoing Support

Training and support doesn’t end once a franchise location opens. It just begins!  Training and ongoing support are important to every franchise system, and especially to Flour Power as we often launch new programs and revenue opportunity streams.  From webinars to subject experts to in studio visits, the support and training truly never ends! Our system, team members, and resources are all aligned to deliver the education, motivation, and support to help you successfully open and operate a Flour Power franchise.

Additional Program Development

Introducing new programs and revenue streams to drive sales for a studio business is an important goal of Flour Power. We are excited to explore the possibility of adding mobile units in the future along with many other opportunities to increase revenue to Flour Power studio and franchisee revenue.

Real Estate and Construction Process

Location, location, location! It is one of the most important factors in the success of all Flour Power studios. Our talented team members use past experience to help you find the most optimal place for your Flour Power studio.  We provide the architectural blueprints to help kick start the planning process which is followed by construction.

Ongoing Training

The training truly never ends at Flour Power.  Our very first franchise owners still find abundant benefit from ongoing training conducted through in studio visits, webinars, Zoom meeting, small groups with other owners and more.  Annual workshops keep everyone connected with the latest and greatest techniques to operate a successful Flour Power franchise.


We have the technology to keep your entire business operation simple and easy to master, allowing you to spend more time making valuable connections with your consumers and bond with team members. Our proprietary system makes managing your studio very efficient with one system to manage customer payments and customer registrations.  We even have “self serve” options for our customers through parent accounts and a party management system similar to “Evite.”


The Flour Power franchise team has the experience to understand how the kids cooking and education industry works best which leads our support team members to provide strategic marketing tactics to set you up for success.  From a shared collaborative marketing database of images, we kick start a successful launch working together.

A Brand With Lasting Momentum

Flour Power’s brand awareness across the USA increases each day as our locations are primarily located in upscale, mixed use shopping centers.  Most customers live, work, and play within a short distance to our studios.  However, we also attract customers up to an hour commute time away!

We are a “feel good” brand.  We educate children.  We turn children into leaders.  We educate adults on how to be successful business leads and franchise owners.  We turn our franchise owners into leaders.  We provide so many “good feels” in our communities and that helps drive customers and new franchise owners our way.

Flour Power has been in business for 14 years.  It’s a brand that is here to stay!